Seattle’s Bloedel Conservatory: The Only Place Where You Can Get High on Oxygen!

The Oxygen High at Seattle’s Bloedel Conservatory

Bloedel Conservatory Seattle WA is no ordinary conservatory, it’s a paradise in the heart of the city – an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But that’s not all – it’s also the only place where you can get high on oxygen! Yes, you read that right. The Bloedel Conservatory’s high oxygen levels will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Want to know more? Read on!
Seattle's Bloedel Conservatory: The Only Place Where You Can Get High on Oxygen!

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Bloedel Conservatory Seattle WA:

Discover the Oxygen-Packed Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle

If you’re looking for an adventurous experience that’s not only breathtaking but also helps you inhale pure oxygen, Seattle’s Bloedel Conservatory is your go-to place! Nestled on the hilltops of Queen Anne’s District, Bloedel Conservatory is the only tropical utopia that welcomes you with open arms for an oxygenated adventure. The conservatory is home to a vast array of irresistible species of exotic birds, five different groups of lush tropical plant displays, and an ambient atmosphere that keeps you refreshed.

The Bloedel Conservatory Seattle WA allows you to inhale pure oxygen, which is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It’s no secret that oxygen is vital for human survival, but did you know that inhaling fresh oxygen can have a calming effect on your mind and body? Medical experts believe that inhaling fresh oxygen reduces stress levels, enhances your cognitive abilities and also elevates your mood. Apart from the mental benefits, inhaling pure oxygen cleanses and re-energizes your body, which makes visiting the Bloedel Conservatory a therapeutic experience!

Experience the Paradisiacal Greenhouse in Seattle

The Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle is not only perfect for inhaling fresh oxygen, but it’s also a miniature paradise for nature lovers! The conservatory showcases an extensive variety of plants ranging from towering palms to orchids, and tropical fruit trees. The conservatory also features year-round exhibition of colourful birds that are known for their vibrant plumage. The exotic design of the floral displays and the cascading ferns provide the perfect backdrop for a botanical paradise. Whether you’re looking to take a scenic stroll, meditate or practice yoga, the Bloedel Conservatory Seattle WA becomes the perfect place to unwind.

In conclusion, visiting the Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle WA is the best way to explore the beauty of nature while experiencing the health benefits of inhaling pure oxygen. The Conservatory is home to avian treasures, tropical plants and the freshest oxygen you have ever inhaled! So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re in the city for a day or a week, make sure a visit to Bloedel Conservatory is on your itinerary!

History of the Bloedel Conservatory

A Brief Redux on the Greenhouse Gem: the Bloedel Conservatory Seattle WA

When you’re walking through Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, you might assume that the Bloedel Conservatory is the only conservatory in the Pacific Northwest. However, I’m here to tell you that we have our very own, the Bloedel Conservatory Seattle WA – which has been delighting Seattleites for over 50 years.

The Bloedel Conservatory is a unique domed conservatory housing more than 500 exotic plants and 200 birds from around the world. These specimens are presented in different themes: arid, subtropical, and tropical rainforest. The conservatory’s regularly changing displays will challenge your mind and dazzle your senses.

With five decades of interesting history behind it, the Bloedel Conservatory is a unique example of the intersection of horticulture, collection management, and public presentation. Read on to uncover the history of one of the most cherished attractions in Seattle.

How it all Began

In 1901, Lady Sarah MacMillan purchased 60 acres of land for a park, which was later donated to the city after her husband, James Dunsmuir, passed away. It wasn’t until the early 1960s that a vision emerged for a new attraction in the park that would further celebrate its greenery. Harry Jerome, the then city parks superintendent, proposed the building of a conservatory that would house birds and plants, as well as provide an indoor escape throughout the dreary winters. After a fundraising campaign raised the necessary funds, the Bloedel Conservatory Seattle WA opened its doors to the public in 1969.

Bloedel Conservatory’s Unique Architecture

The Bloedel Conservatory Seattle WA is distinctive because of its unique structure and uninterrupted sightlines, thanks to the geodesic dome topping the conservatory. The dome is made up of 1,490 plexiglass panels grouped into 374 triangles and 12 hexagons supported by an underlying steel frame. Standing 69 feet tall, the complex averages about 27 degrees in temperature and 70% humidity and assures guests a warm and comfortable tropical experience year-round.

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So there you have it, folks. A brief history of the gem sitting right on your doorstep: the Bloedel Conservatory Seattle WA. The blooming attraction has come a long way since its inception and is a darling of Seattle’s conservatory culture.

Location of Bloedel Conservatory

Where to Find the Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle, WA

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Seattle, look no further than the Bloedel Conservatory. But where exactly is this magical place? Fear not, my curious friend, for I am here to answer your burning question.

The Bloedel Conservatory is located in the heart of Seattle, in the Queen Elizabeth Park. The address is 4600 Cambie St, Seattle, WA 98117. You might be thinking, “I’ll just map it on my phone and be on my way.” Hold your horses, cowboy. There are a few things you need to know before embarking on your adventure.

Firstly, parking is limited, and the park entrance fee is $5. But, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can take public transportation. The 15 and 50 buses both stop directly in front of the conservatory. No matter how you get there, though, the beauty awaiting you will be well worth the trip.

Getting to Know Queen Elizabeth Park

Did you know that Queen Elizabeth Park used to be a rock quarry? That’s right. In 1909, the City of Vancouver bought the land and began to fill in the quarry with garbage and debris from the great fire of 1886. By the 1930s, the park had been fully transformed into a beautiful garden, complete with a conservatory. And boy, is it impressive.

Walking into the Bloedel Conservatory is like stepping into another world. Lush greenery surrounds you, and birds from all over the world fly free overhead. You’ll instantly feel more relaxed and at ease. But, be warned, the fresh oxygen in the air might make you a bit giddy. After all, it’s the only place where you can get high on oxygen!

In conclusion, the Bloedel Conservatory is a hidden gem in Seattle, WA. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, it’s worth the visit. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

What to Expect at the Bloedel Conservatory

What You Can Expect at the Bloedel Conservatory

When you visit the Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle, WA, prepare yourself for an adventure that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This vibrant and lush paradise is home to over 200 species of plants and a variety of birds that flutter and chirp their way around the domed space. Here’s what you should expect when you visit the Bloedel Conservatory:

A Feast for the Senses

From the moment you enter the conservatory, your senses are in for a treat. The air is thick with the sweet scent of blooming flowers, and the greenery is so vibrant you’ll forget you’re indoors. As you wander around the conservatory, you’ll hear the chirping of exotic birds and the soft trickle of water as it cascades down small waterfalls.

A Chance to Get High on Oxygen

Did you know that the air inside the conservatory is some of the cleanest air you’ll ever breathe? The plants inside produce oxygen, making it a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. So whether you’re looking for some fresh air or are in need of a quick escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, a trip to the Bloedel Conservatory is an excellent way to get your oxygen fix.

An Escape from the Rainy Seattle Weather

Living in Seattle means dealing with the constant drizzle that falls from the sky. But at the Bloedel Conservatory, you can escape the rainy weather for an hour or two and immerse yourself in a tropical paradise. The conservatory provides a unique opportunity to experience a range of climates and ecosystems, all under one roof.

So what are you waiting for? Come explore the Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle, and experience a world of nature like never before.

Unique Features of the Bloedel Conservatory

The Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle, WA, is a one-of-a-kind attraction that offers unique features you won’t find anywhere else. The conservatory is a must-see destination for anyone who loves nature and wants to experience it up close and personal.

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One of the most remarkable features of the Bloedel Conservatory is its dome-shaped structure, which gives visitors a 360-degree view of the surrounding environment. The dome is made up of acrylic panels that are designed to capture and transmit sunlight, making visitors feel like they are walking through a rainforest on a sunny day. The dome also creates a climate-controlled environment that supports a wide variety of plants and animals, including over 120 different species of birds.

Another feature that sets the Bloedel Conservatory apart from other conservatories is its focus on oxygen therapy. The plants inside the dome release oxygen, which can boost your energy levels and improve your mood. In fact, a study conducted by NASA found that indoor plants can remove up to 87% of toxins from the air. So, if you’re feeling stressed or tired, a visit to the Bloedel Conservatory might be just what the doctor ordered.

Overall, the Bloedel Conservatory is an exceptional attraction that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a fan of architecture, or just looking for a unique experience, the conservatory is sure to impress. So, the next time you’re in Seattle, be sure to add the Bloedel Conservatory to your list of must-see destinations!

Hours and Admission for Bloedel Conservatory

Hours and Admission at Bloedel Conservatory:

If you’re looking for a unique experience that’ll take you higher than a Boeing 747, make a pilgrimage to the Bloedel Conservatory, located in Seattle, WA. The Conservatory is a one-of-a-kind living, breathing botanical garden, where you’ll find yourself getting high on more than just the amazing views.

When it comes to planning your visit, it’s important to know that the Bloedel Conservatory has seasonal hours, which means that they will vary throughout the year. You can check the schedule on their website, but as a general guideline, they are open daily from 10 am to 4 pm. So, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, there’s a perfect time for you to experience the beauty of Bloedel.

Now, let’s talk about admission. As with any incredible experience, there is a cost to enter. General admission is $8.75, while seniors and youth (ages 13-18) pay $6.75. Children 4-12 are a mere $4.25, and kiddos under 3 are admitted for free. If you plan on making this a regular spot or having more than just one visit, a membership may be the way to go. For $36, you can enjoy unlimited visits for a year, plus other discounts, so the Conservatory can start feeling like your personal garden oasis.

Types of Plants and Wildlife at the Bloedel Conservatory

If you’re interested in exploring different types of plants and wildlife, Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle WA is definitely a place to visit. The beautiful domed garden is home to an impressive array of natural life, ranging from colourful birds to exotic flowers and cacti. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the standout species you can spot at Bloedel.


If you’re a bird lover, you’re in for a treat at Bloedel Conservatory. With over 100 birds representing over 40 species, there’s no telling what kind of winged creatures you might see. From the bright blue Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo to the striking yellow and black Golden Pheasant, there’s something for every birder to admire.


The dome is also home to an impressive array of plants, from tropical palm trees to exotic orchids. Take a stroll through the gardens and you’ll come across everything from the delicate blooms of the Passionflower to the towering Bird of Paradise. Don’t forget to check out the cactus garden, where you can marvel at spiny specimens like the Golden Ball Cactus or the Bishop’s Cap Cactus.

Other wildlife

While birds and plants are certainly the main attraction at Bloedel, there are other types of wildlife to look out for as well. Keep your eyes peeled for the resident turtles and koi fish swimming in the ponds, or the colourful butterflies flitting about the garden. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot one of the resident iguanas sunning themselves on a rock.

Overall, Bloedel Conservatory is a truly unique and magical place that’s not to be missed. Whether you’re a nature lover, a bird watcher, or just someone looking for a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city, this Seattle WA attraction is the perfect destination.

Events, Tours, and Educational Programs at the Bloedel Conservatory

Events, Tours, and Educational Programs

Aside from being a breathtaking location, the Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle, WA also offers a wide range of events, tours, and educational programs for plant enthusiasts and curious visitors alike. Whether you’re a plant whisperer or you just want to know more about the fascinating world of flora, there’s something for everyone.

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One of the most popular activities at the Bloedel Conservatory is the guided tour. Led by knowledgeable and passionate guides, these tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the conservatory. You’ll learn about the history of the facility, how plants are cared for, and the different ecosystems under the dome. It’s a great way to deepen your appreciation of the conservatory and the plants it houses.

For those looking for something a bit more hands-on, the conservatory also offers educational programs for all ages. From workshops on how to care for your own plants, to youth classes on plant biology and horticulture, there’s no shortage of opportunities to learn something new. And if you’re interested in taking your love of plants to the next level, you can even volunteer at the conservatory and help maintain the beautiful plants on display.

No matter what your interest or level of expertise, there’s always something happening at the Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle, WA. So come, visit, and get high on oxygen while learning fascinating facts about flora!


Q: Is it true that the Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle is the only place where you can get high on oxygen?

A: Absolutely! The Bloedel Conservatory is a magical place where you can breathe in the freshest and purest air that will leave you feeling invigorated and completely refreshed.

Q: How is it possible to get high on oxygen?

A: Well, we don’t actually mean “high” in the traditional sense of the word. The air inside the Conservatory is enriched with oxygen, which means you are breathing in a higher concentration of oxygen than you normally would. Oxygen is essential for our bodies to function properly, and breathing in more of it can have a multitude of benefits.

Q: What are the benefits of breathing in oxygen-rich air?

A: There are many benefits to breathing in oxygen-rich air. Some people have reported that they feel more alert, less stressed, and even experience improved physical performance. In addition, oxygen can help to stimulate brain function, which means you may feel more focused and alert.

Q: What makes the Bloedel Conservatory so special?

A: The Bloedel Conservatory is a unique attraction because it’s one of the few places you can visit where the air has been enriched with oxygen. The environment inside the Conservatory is carefully controlled to maintain a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, so you can feel good about breathing in the fresh air.

Q: How can I visit the Bloedel Conservatory?

A: The Bloedel Conservatory is located in Queen Elizabeth Park in Seattle and is open year-round. It’s a great place to visit whether you’re interested in plants, wildlife, or just want to breathe in some fresh air. Admission is affordable, and the Conservatory is a family-friendly destination.

Q: Is it worth visiting the Bloedel Conservatory just to breathe in oxygen?

A: Absolutely! In addition to the many benefits of oxygen-rich air, the Bloedel Conservatory is a beautiful and relaxing place to spend time. You can explore the different plants and animals inside the Conservatory, take a walk around the park, and enjoy the fresh air in a peaceful and serene environment. So come visit the Bloedel Conservatory – it’s the perfect place to get high on oxygen!

Final Thoughts

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of our article on the Bloedel Conservatory in Seattle, WA! You must be feeling pretty green-thumbed by now.

As we learned, the Bloedel Conservatory has a rich history, amazing location, and a unique collection of plants and wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else. Not to mention the beautiful events, tours, and educational programs offered.

If you’re ever in Seattle, WA, make sure to swing by the Bloedel Conservatory and soak up all the exotic and rare plants from around the world. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

So go ahead, tell your friends and family about the Bloedel Conservatory and our website, Share this article on your Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram. Who knows – maybe we’ll start a green wave that’ll take over the internet.

Thanks again for reading this article, and we’ll see you in the conservatory!

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