About the Conservatory

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Since 1991 the Seattle Conservatory of Music has been providing the highest quality pre-college music education programs in the Pacific Northwest. In 2016 the  Seattle Conservatory of Music combining with the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra to create one of the most comprehensive music training programs in America. Students can enroll in both the Seattle Youth Symphony’s academic year orchestra program, and in the Seattle Conservatory’s outstanding chamber music and music academic programs such as music theory, ear training, history and college preparatory classes. The Conservatory programs are managed under the auspices of the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras, but students need not be members of a SYSO orchestra to enroll.

Margaret L. Pressley
Founder & Emeritus Director,
Seattle Conservotory of Music
Director, Pressley Violin Studio


The SYSO – Seattle Conservatory’s academic programs take place on Saturday afternoons at Seattle Pacific University. There, students engage in a series of fun and challenging classes that include music theory, sight-singing and ear training, music history and music electives such as conducting, Dalcroze-Eurhythmics, keyboard harmony, and orchestration. The capstone of the Conservatory’s programs is its Collegiate Performance Prep program. It prepares students for collegiate music school and orchestra auditions, and well as local, national, and international competitions. Weekly performance classes give students the opportunity to play and be evaluated by their peers. Classroom seminars are held in performance psychology, collegiate audition/application preparation, stage etiquette and demeanor. Students are given personalized coaching in the full range of the college application, audition and selection process.

For any student that loves playing music, the Seattle Conservatory of Music offers the chance to aspire, advance, and achieve. With a comprehensive curriculum, outstanding faculty, and convenient scheduling options, SYSO-SCM’s challenging and engaging programs look forward to enriching the creative and intellectual lives of student in the years to come.