Junior (ages 8-11)

Junior Division Academic Program

violinsmMusic Academics ages 8-11

Seattle Conservatory of Music’s Music Academic Junior Division is designed to train students of elementary school age, to learn music academic skills in an entertaining, joy-filled environment. Our program offers music theory, ear-training, music history and Dalcroze-Eurhythmics.

Age appropriate classes parallel the senior division, beginning with one 45-minute class introducing music theory and ear-training. Year II adds Dalcroze-Eurhythmics. Year III adds Music History. After three years, Junior Division students may advance into the Senior Division’s Year II music academic program.

Classes are meant to be fun and academically productive. Students learn the basic vocabulary necessary to understand and analyze music. Fundamentals from key signatures to four part harmony are covered in the first three years. Students learn to hear pitches through their singing voices and ears. They learn to recognize and react to harmonic, melodic and rhythmic structures through recitation and dictation. They are given a broad knowledge of music literature and its context in history, which is essential for informed performances and presentation of music of all styles. Children who take these classes, as well as private lessons on their instruments of choice, learn to understand intonation through note and key awareness. They are able to analyze modulations, which gives them the high level opportunity to become solid in their educated choice of pitch. They learn to become curious about composers and musicians. They learn to enjoy rhythm. They learn to enjoy their own voices.

Along with the necessary academics, the conservatory introduces rhythmically expressive body movement through Dalcroze-Eurhythmics. Children respond to music and rhythm through the use of small percussion instruments, laying the perfect foundation for good musicianship. This class develops attentiveness, concentration and motor coordination.

Through a gradual, yearly progression, students become thoroughly knowledgeable on their instruments in a way that could only happen through this kind of supplemental training. Seattle Conservatory of Music’s mission is to thoroughly educate young, talented musicians in the Pacific Northwest. Elementary school age children learn at a brilliantly fast rate. Starting early in music has proved to bring much success to our musicians who now have been accepted into every major collegiate music school in the country and are winning job positions in orchestras, are free-lancing, contracting and teaching all over the world. Seattle Conservatory of Music’s Junior Division opens its doors without audition. Students who show talent in music are encouraged to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

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