Introduction to Music Through Violin

Introduction to Music Through Violin  (4 – 6 year olds)

Introduction to Music Through Violin is for beginner-level students, ages four to six. This course will provide students with a solid foundation for successful violin playing and musicianship. Rolling admission will occur through Fall of 2014 and tuition prorated with enrollment. Group class and private lesson instruction is based on the methods of Mimi Zweig, Shinichi Suzuki, and Paul Rolland.  This program will include the following elements:

    1. Introduction to playing the violin effortlessly with tension-free technique in a challenging but fun environment.
    2. Introduction to ear training and basic music theory.
    3. Weekly private lessons and weekly group lessons.
    4. Group- and solo-performance opportunities.


SCM Office (T/Th: 4-year olds), SPU (Sat: 5-6 year olds)
Greenlake Methodist Church (Monday: 5-6 year olds private lessons)


Semester I and Semester II


4-year olds

Tuesday (group) 10:00am-10:45am
Thursday (private*) 9:00am-12:00pm

5- and 6-year olds

Saturday (group) 9:30am-10:15am
Monday (private*) after school

 *private lessons will be 30-40 minutes long

Registration can be made here.

Please see and distribute our flyer.